Wedding Photographer in Praiano – Anna & DarioPraiano - Amalfi Coast

A romantic, joyful wedding in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast

Dario and Anna live and work in the United States, so it has been quite challenging for them to plan the wedding in Italy Amalfi Coast from a distance. But despite that, they have been able to get just everything they wanted, and just the way they wanted. They got in touch with me long before the wedding while they were looking for a wedding photographer in Praiano. They wanted someone who would document the events of the day in a candid way, with a pure reportage style. Their idea of photography just matched mine so we immediately empathized. They wanted no posed pictures and expressly asked me to be as much unobtrusive as I can. I thought hey, that’s exactly what I do!

The exchange of rings took place in the San Gennaro Church in Praiano. Right after we went for a long walk in the surrounding. The light was warm and amazing, and they very much enjoyed hanging around while I documented the romance and fun from an outside point of view. It has been such a great experience, they were extremely romantic, yet natural, and didn’t mind me at all. I really enjoy taking pictures in such circumstances and thus I was happy to be their wedding photographer in Praiano. We then returned to the beautiful Hotel Tramonto D’Oro, with stunning terraces and breathtaking views on the Amalfi Coast and the Mediterranean sea. The open-air party on the terrace was very enjoyable, with delicious food, fantastic live music and lovely guests.

What Anna and Dario wrote about me

Guido is an incredible photographer, as well as an exceptional person. His work can be summarized in one word: magic. Guido is magical throughout the ceremony, because his discretion makes him invisible to guests and spouses. Still, he captures the true essence of what happens, and the soul of the people he portrays in his photos. And the magic is completed in its ability to assemble wonderful photo albums. Absolutely incredible.

VENUE: Hotel Tramonto D’oro Praiano
CHURCH: San Gennaro in Praiano
PHOTOGRAPHER: Guido Tramontano Guerritore