Cilento Wedding Photographer – Silke & Antonio

A romantic wedding in the rural Cilento National Park

Cilento National Park is perfect for those who have in mind an intimate wedding in the countryside. Silke and Antonio live and work in Holland. She gladly accepted to celebrate their great moment in the beautiful Cilento, Antonio’s native country. His idea of the photographic style he wanted for their wedding was pretty clear: it had to be mainly romantic, simple and natural, no posing photography. After visiting my website, he called me and immediately made an appointment to the studio. He came to visit me alone as Silke was working in Holland. After I showed him some of my latest works, he picked up the phone, called Silke and told her “I found him!”, a cilento wedding photographer! I first met her while she was getting ready. The farmhouse where she was staying was spacious and luminous, and there was a joyful atmosphere. Silke’s ease and the environments warm light inspired me, so I shot quite a lot.
The wedding day was extremely pleasant, the magic light and the wonderful countryside allowed me to document their wedding exactly the way they wanted.