Crazy Indian Wedding in Ravello – Rev & LukeRavello, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Wedding photographer in Ravello.

I am back in Ravello again as a wedding photographer for an Indian-English couple. I love crazy dances at weddings, they always turn out to be a good opportunity to capture funny moments. Usually dance parties start late in the day, right when physical and mental fatigue begins to be felt. However, I have to say that as soon as music starts and people flock to the dance floor, I feel like regaining full energy to start over again. Still, shooting at the dance floor is probably one of the most difficult challenge. Not only you have to freeze the right moment while struggling to find a way in the crowd, but also you have to deal with fast shutter speed in low light environments and, needless to say, without using flashes.

That of Rev and Luke was quite an amazing wedding, rich in colours and full of memorable moments. After the getting ready there was a civil ceremony at the Principessa di Piemonte town hall garden in Ravello. The day was partially cloudy, therefore the light was perfect for photography. After a formal shooting with their relatives and friends we went around the town for a photo session. We stopped by some terraces with stunning views and then returned to the Hotel Parsifal for the drinks reception. An Indian Punjabi dholi who was waiting for them at the hotel entrance started his performance as they entered. Thereafter, I remember crazy dances went on all day long. At the end of the wedding party I was very tired but also so happy to have been their wedding photographer in Ravello.

Rev and Luke said about me:

Wonderful Photographer, he captured our wedding perfectly! Beautiful shots which really captured the emotions throughout the day! Would highly recommend.

VENUE: Principessa di Piemonte Town Hall Garden, Ravello
DJ: Dj Aery
DHOL PLAYER: Mony Naranch
RECEPTION: Hotel Parsifal
PHOTOGRAPHER: Guido Tramontano Guerritore