Wedding Photographer in Positano

Wedding Photographer in Positano: The jewel of the Amalfi Coast

wedding photographer in positano

The magic of Positano

view of positano at duskPositano is among the most popular location for weddings In Italy. Considered the jewel of the Amalfi Coast, this enchanting picturesque town is a dream destination for young couples from all over the world.
Its charming architecture, described as Italian Vernacular and showing Moorish influences with graceful arches and organic forms, makes Positano a truly unique place in the world.
Due to its architecture and rich history, Positano is a Unesco world cultural heritage site.
With its characteristic geometric composition of the houses in whitewashed stucco, the town gently develops vertically on the cliffs with many narrow, stepped alleys that all flow into the main bay.
Seen from the sea, it’s pure beauty to admire. The town is set in a dramatic vertical panorama of bright pastel colors.
sunset over positano amalfi coastPositano is a known destination for artists. The list of those who have fallen in love with the beauty of its land and seascapes is endless: Escher, Steinbeck, Klee, Picasso, Zeffirelli and Liz Taylor are just a few of them.

Wedding Photographer in Positano

elopement in positanoWith its beauty, luxurious hotels, bars, restaurants, and quaint shops, Positano is definitely an ideal location for wedding photography. The picturesque and vibrant pathways are a perfect backdrop for my documentary style. Hence, to capture the beauty of the town and the romance of a wedding at the same time, I usually invite couples to go for a walk and enjoy the shops and the town life, while I document the happening from an outside perspective. I especially like shooting the wedding couple walking among the people on the street, to capture real-life moments. The main pathways can be crowded, especially in summer, because of the famous “Positano fashion style”, one of the many reason why tourists from around the world flock to the streets and the fashionable boutiques of Positano.
Another great opportunity to take amazing pictures is from the top of the town. The Town Hall, set high on the hillside, has stunning terraces with breathtaking views, an ideal location for an open-air romantic wedding.
Needless to say, though, Positano has nearly endless spots for gorgeous photographs.

My approach to wedding photography

silhouette of wedding couple at sunset in positanoI love catching candid moments and genuine people’s emotion. I prefer natural, non posed photographs such as real-life moments.
To get an idea of my vision on wedding reportage, please take a look at some of my favorite shots. Also check out my wedding galleries.
I shoot weddings in a documentary style, making use of natural light only. Also, I like shooting from a distance to be able to stay invisible. In my view, the most engaging photos are those candid when people don’t notice the camera. I follow the couple and their guests throughout the day, documenting the natural flow of the events as they happen in an unobtrusive fashion. As a result, wedding couples will get an emotional storytelling that genuinely represents them. I believe that’s the best way to convey emotions in photography.

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If you are searching for a wedding photographer in Positano with a photojournalism style, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to hear your exciting plan and to share my ideas with you. To get a quote please provide as much details as you can about the wedding.