Innate Talent

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(Translated by Google)
The hands and eyes of those who have studied as a professional, the innate talent of a sensitive soul.
A few days ago my husband and I saw the shots selected by Guido to remember the day of our yes, celebrated on a cool afternoon last summer.
We had chosen him for the ability to tell each wedding in a different way – as is evident from the photos of his site and his portfolio – making it a unique and unrepeatable event, as is considered by every couple, who needs to remember it for all the future years together. Infinite discretion and delicacy are the ingredients that he used when we chatted for the first time together … he kept them throughout the wedding day.
What I felt when I saw the photos is the essence of his work: I saw looks, hugs, smiles, “mouthfuls” that I did not remember having lived. The spouses during the wedding are like in a trance … everything is so fast, so strong! And Guido is there, that all captures him, stops him forever and gives it to you, so you can continue to get excited at his sight … just like I did in his studio.
I can only recommend it to those who want to collect and preserve the emotions of marriage, in a completely spontaneous and natural way.

Anna A. Guido Tramontano Guerritore Photographer 12 February 2019