Italian Wedding Photographer – Daisy & Jean PaulRavello - Amalfi Coast

An intimate south african wedding in Ravello

Daisy got in touch with me through Fearless Photographers, an international wedding photojournalists association of which I have been active member for several years. Daisy and Jean Paul are a wonderful couple from Cape Town, South Africa. They were looking for an italian wedding photographer who would document their special day in a candid and unobtrusive way.  They wanted a photographer who would document the guests – coming from several countries around the world – and the enjoyment. Not a typical wedding photoshoot. The way we got in touch was rather unusual. Fearless member photographers must submit their application for requests entered by the clients, but somehow I missed this one. When Daisy first contacted me saying she submitted her request on Fearless, I checked it out, and noticed that many photographers submitted their application except me. Being hired for their wedding was definitely a great satisfaction!

Both the ceremony and the party took place in the entrancing gardens of the Hotel Belmond Caruso in Ravello. Their wedding was enjoyable and elegant, fresh, dynamic and very fun. When the party and music were over, the wedding couple and their guests didn’t seem to get enough of fun, so they decided to go to a disco, and invited me and the filmmaker to join the group for more fun.