wedding couple reflected in the pool at hotel caruso ravello

What’s your style?

Reportage. In my opinion the photo-journalistic approach is the key to tell the story through pictures. I will capture the events as they happen in a candid and unobtrusive fashion. To tell the story I use to get in with the action and listen to what’s going on around, thus anticipating the moment instead of reacting to it. This approach not only creates a sense of perspective, but artistic images which convey the atmosphere and the feeling at those moments in time.

Will you take posed pictures?

I don’t ask to pose, but you are welcome to ask for posed pictures each time you consider that worthwhile. I can do couple or individual portraiture sessions. However, some pictures are intended to be posed, such as group shots or pictures with friends and relatives.

What would you suggest to us for a good result?

Just forget about me! Simply be yourself, be natural and spontaneous, and even if you don’t feel my presence, be aware that I will always be around the action, waiting for a good moment to unfold. The more happens around me the more I shoot.

What guarantees are you giving to the wedding couple?

Reliability and unobtrusive approach during the wedding day. I would say nearly invisible. I take my job quite seriously as I am well-aware of my assignment importance. I always keep my concentration high being mentally focused on what is going on around, to create a unique storytelling at every wedding. I am a member of some of the most important international wedding photographer associations, such as WPJA, ISPWP, FEARLESS, WPS. This guarantees that your wedding will be documented in a fresh, candid fashion.

Where is your studio located?

A few minutes drive from the Amalfi Coast. To schedule a meeting drop me a line or call.

Do we have to meet you before the wedding?

Not necessarily but preferably. A pre-wedding consultation can be useful for us both. Other than breaking the ice, you would outline broadly what is required and I would advise on planning, logistics and timings where needed. Also, I can make a better idea on the kind of wedding you have in mind and operate accordingly. If a visit is too complicated we can arrange a Skype videoconference.

It is difficult for us to reach your studio, what do you suggest?

We can arrange a Skype videoconference by appointment.

Are you willing to travel for our wedding?

Absolutely! I normally travel a lot for weddings, throughout Italy and abroad. For weddings far away from home, an extra charge for one or two overnight stay must be added.

How long in advance do you suggest to book?

This is a tough question! There is really no general rule. But basically, if you are planning your wedding for a weekday in february, you will most likely find the date available. Weekends from may to october, particularly those on june, july and september are clearly the most hard to find. If this is the case I recommend to book widely in advance, even one year before. I work on a first-come first-served basis.

How do we hire you?

First, call or write me to check my availability, then you will have to sign a contract (via e-mail will be ok) and pay a booking fee/deposit to permanently reserve the date.

who will actually shoot our wedding?

Me! I only commit to one wedding a day, and I’d rather hate to spoil it. If I am not available at the time of application, I can recommend a professional coworker with my own style and philosophy.

How many photographers will there be at my wedding?

I use to work alone. I always carry two cameras to ensure suitable coverage from different standpoints. Working alone will also guarantees total discretion throughout the day. Over many years’ experience I never happened to miss one single important moment or detail. However, you can ask for a second photographer with an additional charge. For big weddings or events with many guests I can possibly opt to come with an assistant.

Do we have to provide a meal for you?

As general rule you should provide a meal for the photographer if the length of attendance exceeds five hours. That does not necessarily mean to provide a seat for me at one of your guests tables, although that happens frequently and I’m more than happy to socialize. Best option would be talk to the catering staff so that they can arrange a table for me somewhere next to the main room. This way I would be able to stend up and shoot without being noticed.

We would like you to take some specific pictures we have in mind, can you do that?

Sure! Just send me an email explaining what is it about and I’ll do my best to please you. However, please remember that my style is reportage and these specific pictures will eventually be a small number.

What kind of cameras do you use?

Top-of-the-line cameras and lenses, to benefit from maximum speed, accuracy and outstanding quality even in very low light condition. I definitely favor natural light and make use of flash only if strictly necessary.

Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?

RAW. I firmly believe a professional photographer should never use in-camera JPEG for such important events.

Will you be shooting all of my guests?

I am always focused on what’s going on around me and I love taking candid pictures of guests. This will ensure that most of your guest will have their picture taken. However, I cannot guarantee that nobody will be missing unless I do some group shots. Please note that not all guests at weddings like having their photo taken. In such cases I will use my discretion and cannot be held responsible for a lack of photos of these people.

How long will it take to have our pictures/album?

Actually it depends on my workload at that time. Also my post-production is extremely accurate and this might take a little longer than usual. The wait will usually be 3-6 months. If you have specific needs just advise and I’ll do my best to please you.

How many photographs do you deliver? Will you give us all the Hi-res files?

The number of photographs clearly depends on the wedding, on average that will be around 700/800 for a full day coverage.
Yes you will have all the edited Hi-Res files on storage media.

Do you make photo albums? How many prints there will be inside?

I make both traditional and digital high-end photo albums. The number of prints depends on the wedding, though I strongly recommend to select only the best pictures for a pleasant storytelling. An overwhelmed album would be somewhat repetitive.

Can we have just Hi-Res files without a photo album?

Sure! Many of my clients who live abroad opt for this solution.

Can we make a selection for the photo album?

Yes! You can then choose the photos you like the most in a private online gallery.

Who is going to do all the editing work?

Me! An accurate post-production not only is very important, but very subjective. When shooting, I often take specific technical decision according to my post-production vision and method.

Will you retouch photos to remove flaws, eye bags or stuff like that?

Reportage is based on actual facts, so I am a bit reluctant to photo-retouching. However, if required and under particualr circumstances I can do that to some extent.

How many hours are included in a full day coverage?

Approximately 10 hours, but I am flexible. I start shooting from the very beginning, when the bride and groom are getting ready, follow them throughout the day to document the events as they happen, until the end of the reception.

Will you also film our wedding?

Not me, I regularly work with some talented filmmakers who have the same style and philosophy as I do about wedding reportage.

Ok, everything is clear and we like your style, but how much will it cost hiring you?

My rates are tailored and may vary according to your requests. To get an estimate please send me an e-mail providing as much details as possible about the wedding and your needs.

We need to think about this a little while, can you hold the date for a few days?

Sorry I can’t. I get almost daily inquiries and often many of them are for the same date. Only way to secure the date is signing the agreement and pay a deposit.