Amalfi Wedding Photographer – Karolyn & ChrisAmalfi

An indian wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Karolyn and Christopher got in touch with me long before their wedding in the beautiful Amalfi Cathedral. They were searching for an Amalfi wedding photographer who would document the wedding day with candid shots, in a pure photojournalism style. Chris is a very outgoing, natural and jovial person. A few months before their wedding they flew to Amalfi to finalize all details with their wedding planner, and to meet me. I still recall the day Chris arrived to my studio. The intercom outside on the street buzzed and he showed up at my door at fourth floor in a few seconds. They talked in depth about the style of photography they wanted for the wedding, and I agreed with their vision. Karolyn also wanted to show me a picture of her wedding dress, being careful not to show it to Chris.

A Gloomy Day

The starting of the day was just great, and so was the ceremony in the Amalfi Cathedral. But sadly, during the rest of the day the weather was terrible to say the least. In fact, even if I normally go outdoor with wedding couples when it rains, it was quite impossible with such bad weather. Only option left, after the ceremony, was to go straight to the hotel “Santa Caterina” for the wedding party. Karolyn was clearly frustrated. Her idea was to take gorgeous pictures at the well known Terrace of Infinity in Ravello. So she talked to her wedding planner, and together we agreed to arrange a new photo session the next day.

Amalfi Wedding Photographer… The day After!

Before I met them the following day, the weather was good. But then it started raining again as I met up with them in the late afternoon. The couple was frustrated and wanted to give up, but I insisted to try and go to Ravello anyway since I had a feeling it would stop raining, and this time we were just lucky. In fact, rain stopped by the time we got to Villa Cimbrone, just before sunset.