“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci

who i am

italy amalfi coast based wedding photographer


Creativity has always been a priority in my life. My first approach to art was music, to which I have devoted much of my life. In the nineties I began my professional career in computer science as a software designer. While It was certainly an exciting and creative job, it didn’t completely satisfy my needs as an artist. In addition to music, I’ve always been fascinated by visual arts and in particular by photography, which somehow I knew it would become more than just a hobby.

how it started

My adventure in photography started in the late 1990s, during a trip where I was alone. The experience was so exciting that I felt I wanted to share it, but I realized that words wouldn’t fit to tell the story the way I wanted. I had an old film camera with me which instead turned out to be perfect as a communication tool to creatively document and tell a story. The way I used to look at things around me suddenly changed, I began looking at everything in a different light and perspective, always looking for an exciting shot. I have never stopped taking pictures since.


Today, photography for me is not just a job, it is a philosophy of life. I love capturing people’s emotions and convey them to the viewer. I work in an unobtrusive fashion to capture people’s true essence. Pose photography can never capture real emotions, hence my passion for wedding reportage.

In addition to wedding reportage, I love traveling and landscape photography. I like adventures in the wilderness, carefully planning a shot even days before, scouting a place, studying light direction and the right time to shoot. I like starting at night to reach my destination before dawn and enjoy early morning light. But what I like the most is creating images to share my emotions and unveil my personality.
You can find a small collection of my landscape photography here


spare time

In my free time I like cooking. I love wine, (I’m crazy about Brunello di Montalcino), but it’s just one of the many!
I’m passionate about natural science, technology and astronomy.
I am a keen traveller, I favor nordic countries and intimately love Scotland and its wild nature, its breathtaking landscapes, and of course its good whiskey if I am in good company. Some day I will hopefully manage to organize my ideal trip to Antarctica.
I love and play chess, an endless source of inspiration, imagination and creativity.

Wedding Photography

wedding reportage

the style

My style is best described as genuine photojournalism, with a focus on both romantic and fun moments. My strength lies in my ability to listen to what’s going on around, anticipating the moment instead of reacting to it, but also in my deep sense for aesthetics, perspective and composition.

the goal

I don’t want to just give you pictures, my goal is to give you thrilling memories through compelling images that will let you open a window back to your wedding day and relive those moments.


I let the events of the day unfold naturally, being prepared to capture them as they happen. For the majority of the day I will be a careful and discrete observer, I will be that dream wedding photographer who goes unseen and takes beautiful photographs of each and every valuable moment, paying attention to even the smallest details.
This allows you to truly experience the magic of the wedding day, instead of feeling the unintentional protagonist in front of the lens.


As a wedding photographer I get to be the witness of the essence of human emotion. I am well aware of the importance of my task, the result of which not only lies in my artistry and technical skills, but also in my natural inclination to understand love and emotion. For this reason, my photographic approach and vision of the wedding are never the same. I know that each wedding is a unique event, and will do my best to conform accordingly and to empathize with you. This is the key to ensure an excellent result that genuinely represents the wedding couple.

wedding photography style


To get a better idea on what’s my vision about wedding photography, please take a look at my wedding portfolio, a collection of wedding images that best represent my style.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein