Guido Tramontano Guerritore Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

I am a documentary Amalfi Coast wedding photographer, available for destination weddings in Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Tuscany, Rome, throughout Italy and worldwide. My vision of wedding photography is based on spontaneity, plain and simple. It must be natural, must reflect the genuine essence of the wedding couple by capturing their true emotions.

I really enjoy hunting unique and candid moments such as tears, laughs, drama, those genuine feelings that brides and grooms and their guests experience at just every wedding.
I am not a big fan of posed shots as I find them kind of flat and rather boring. They simply don’t convey real emotions, though I never underestimate what memories mean…

My purpose is to create an amazing story through compelling photos that will make you relive the magic of your wedding. To achieve the goal I capture the story in a truly creative way, most of all working with natural light, but also making a wide use of strong and artistic compositions.

My approach is unobtrusive while I discreetly document the natural fun and romance of the wedding day as it unfolds. As a result, often you will just barely notice that I am even there. If you think I can be the photographer who can document your wedding day the way you like, just get in touch, I look forward to hearing your exciting story.
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Relive your wedding day. Forever.

Capturing emotions is not easy. Mere moments, brief, intense, impalpable.
It’s a thrill each time I catch one, because I know that moment will live forever through my lens.
It’s not easy, it takes skill and talent, sensitivity and generosity, it takes passion.
That’s the challenge of my work, and that’s what makes it creative, unique, and always evolving.