Wedding photographer in Ravello

Wedding photographer in Ravello: a perfect location for the wedding shoot on the Amalfi Coast.

 amalfi coast view from ravello
 wedding photographer in ravello
 villa rufolo ravello
 wedding couple in ravello
 wedding couple at villa cimbrone in ravello

With its typical cobblestone streets, luxurious gardens and historical villas, Ravello is possibly my favorite locations for wedding shoot. This enchanting small town on the Amalfi Coast offers countless opportunities for photography. Breathtaking views at Villa Cimbrone, exotic and colorful gardens, the medieval architecture of villa Rufolo are just a few examples.
In addition to the rich history and undeniable beauty of the villas, Ravello is full of quaint shops and cafes. Its picturesque and crowded alleys turn out to be a perfect backdrop for my photographic style, since it is essentially based on spontaneity.

To get an idea of my vision of wedding reportage, please have a look at some of my favorite shots. Also check out my wedding galleries.
Most of all my style consists in taking candid shots, often from a distance and especially without the knowledge of the wedding couple. As a result of that, an emotional storytelling is guaranteed. I do believe that’s the best way to convey emotions in photography.
If you are searching for a wedding photographer in Ravello, and the photojournalism is the style you favor, then do not hesitate to get in touch. I will be happy to make a cost estimate for your wedding.