Italian Wedding Photographer – Daisy & Jean Paul

An intimate south african wedding in Ravello

Daisy got in touch with me through Fearless Photographers, an international wedding photojournalists association of which I have been active member for several years. Daisy and Jean Paul are a wonderful couple from Cape Town, South Africa, looking for an italian wedding photographer who would document their special day in a candid and unobtrusive way.
The way we got to know each other was rather unusual. Fearless allows member photographers to submit their application for a request entered by the clients, but somehow I missed this one and did not submit my application. When Daisy first contacted me saying she submitted her request on Fearless, I checked it out, and noticed that a lot of photographers submitted their application except me. Being hired for their wedding was definitely a great satisfaction! Their wedding in Ravello was enjoyable and elegant, fresh, dynamic and very funny.